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Friday night I was at home. Saturday I went Ice Skating with Tara. Sunday we went to church then it started snowing really bad so we went home. Monday I stayed at home all day. Then Monday night I went to Kristins and had one of the best nights ever. Tuesday was pretty good to. Then went to Brittanys, came home an went to bed.


My favorite tradition is on christmas morning i’m at my dads we get up at like 5 in the morning an we open gifts at my dads then we get ready an go to my grandmas and eat breakfast. I then go to my moms and get ready to go to my other grandmas..


I dont really know what i want for christmas. I no i want a pair of boots 🙂 and a john deere hoodie. And some outfits.. This weekend we are planning on getting our christmas tree put up. And then mom is going to this party for her work so im probably going to go to Brittanys


Last weekend and this week has been pretty good.. I am going to my dads tonight and staying till Thursday and eating Thanksgiving Dinner with them. Then im coming home Thursday night and gonna find something to do this weekend.

November 4th :)

Well today is November 4th an I’, in Isap.. I got 11 more days after today.. 🙂 It really aint that bad in here but i wanna see my friends!!

November 3rd

Well yesterday we didn’t have school. It was election day.. I went to a friends an hung out with some every awesome people.. Hope I get to go bck soon 🙂

Today ain’t that good cause i found out that sum one is mad at me. 😦 oh well…

Halloween!! :)

This weekend was Halloween! I went over to Brittany Baileys and helped her pass out candy!! Then some awesome people came over to her house and hung out with us :)!! Now its back to school.. I’m sitting here in Isap with no work to do yet!! This is kinda boring!!!

This Week

This week has been pretty great even though i have been in Isap.. Isap really aint that bad. I actually get my work done.. I feel like i learn more when I am in here

The End of The Hunger Games!!!! 🙂

Peeta and Katniss have made it through the games and are now on their way back to District 12. On the way home Katniss and Peeta have an argument about if Katniss really loves Peeta. So, when back at District 12 there is confusion on where they stand for each other.


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