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Chapter 19!! :)

Katniss has decided to find Peeta since the new rule has been set that if the final 2 players are from the same District they will both survive. So, as Katniss tries to figure out where Peeta would have gone to try to survive and take care of his wounds. Finally, Katniss finds him camouflaged in the mud of the stream. She takes care of his tracker jacket stings a few burns he has managed to get and then tries to work with his terrible cut that Cato gave him for letting her go free.

Chapter 18!! :)

Rue was killed by the boy from district 1, but Katniss decides to show the Capitol that she hasn’t changed from these offal games. So, Katniss make a flower arrangement for Rue and places it on her before the helicopter comes to retrieve her body. Also, there is a new rule added to the Games! If the final 2 are from the same District then they will both survive.

Chapter 17!! :)

Katniss has blown up the careers fort, has lost hearing in one ear, but she has set out to find Rue after she regains strength from the electrifying jolt from the careers fort. Then she finds Rue in a net, then Katniss kills the boy from District 1, but at the same time the boy kills Rue!

Chapter 16!! :)

Katniss and Rue have made a plan to occupy them, while Katniss goes to their campground and destroy any food supply the Careers have. So once Rue sets the first fire to rain in the Careers Katniss watches as Fox Face dances around going toward the careers campground. Then Katniss realizes that their campground is mined, so she cuts open a bag of apples with her bow and arrows from a far distance and BOOM! The careers camp is gone.

Chapter 15!! :)

Katniss and Rue have made an alliance and are now a team, sharing everything they have collected since the beginning of the Hunger Games. Now Katniss has a plan to defeat the careers!

Chapter 14!! :)

Katniss has almost completely hilled from the gift of medicine her sponsors sent her. Also, she has managed to kill to careers by sending down a tracker jackets nest, at the same time she has gotten 3 stings herself and has begun to hallucinate. Oh Peeta saves her!

Chapter 13!! :)

Katniss was awakened by the game makers attempt of catching her on fire in the woods. Also once she has fled from the burning trees she is attached by the game makers fireballs where she is hit in her calf and her hair is burnt off. Then, the careers and Petta find Katniss in the top of a tree.

Chapter 12!! :)

In the 12th chapter, Katniss is hiding from the other tributes. I think that she was smart and determined to keep going to search for water. I think that she needs to be careful when she is moving from now on though. The other contestants can’t be that far off. I bet that they will kill at least 1 person by tomorrow in the large Career group.

Chapter 11!! :)

In the 11th chapter of the Hunger Games, Katniss spends her time in the tree. She has started the Hunger Games and 12 are already dead. 11 to go. I’m worried that Peeta is going to be in danger because he joined the gang of people who are sticking together until they kill everyone.

Chapter 10!! :)

In the 10th chapter, Katniss is preparing for the Hunger Games. She goes through a lot of anxiety and turns down food which i dont really understand. I would want to eat as much as i could before the hunger games started. i mean, look at the title.. “The Hunger Games” doesnt that make you want to eat a lot before you would participate in that???? i have a feeling that something really bad is about to happen. i dont know what, but i have the feeling that someone is about to be killed. and its not katniss.

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