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Chapter 26!! :)

Peeta and Katniss have finally made it through the Hunger Games and are now at the capitol. While at the capitol they are both treated and feed properly to gain back energy and strength that they lost in the time they were at the games. But because of how Katniss and Peeta handled the situation at the end of the games the capitol is extremely mad at how they treated them.

Chapter 25!! :)

Cato has now died but they have not sounded the horns announcing that they both won. All of the sudden they say that there has to be a winner and that one may only win. So Katniss and Peeta devise a plan to kill themselves at the same time. But as they begin to eat the darkberries the announcement came saying they have both won.

Chapter 24!! :)

The game makers have now forced Peeta and Katniss to face Cato at the cornucopia  by draining all water sources and keeping the pond near the cornucopia. When they arrive at the cornucopia they get to rest and spend time making a plan.  All of the sudden here comes Cato running through the woods with  some mutation dog that is following him.

Chapter 23!! :)

Peeta and Katniss have fully healed. While they wait in their cave for the rain to subside so they can go hunting Thresh is killed. So now Foxface, Cato, Peeta, and Katniss are the only players left in the games. Finally the rain stops and Katniss and Peeta split up to hunt and gather food. Once, they have finished gathering there food a cannon goes off announcing that Foxface had died.

Chapter 22!! :)

Peeta and Katniss are fully healed. Altho they are both extremely hungry and they can’t go out to hunt for food because of the down pour. So, Katniss knows that Haymitch will send them food if they are more romantic and they fulfill the lovers role. But as she starts to talk to Peeta about how he likes her she actually herself realizes he likes her.

Chapter 21!! :)

Another notice has been told to all the surviving players, that at dawn where the cornucopia was there will be 4 backpacks and in each will be the supplies most desperately needed for the district that the bag was designated to. So, Katniss drugs Peeta to sleep and goes to fetch their districts bag! Once dawn has arrived Foxface gets her bag first then Katniss runs and attempts to get hers but Clove throws a knife and cuts her above the eye. Luckily, Thresh was there to kill Clove before she killed Katniss!

Chapter 20!! :)

Katniss has found Peeta after Rue dies. Katniss has hilled Peetas stings and burns but must go to the cornucopia to retrieve medicine for Peeta’s large cut in his leg that has now gotten blood poisoning in it.

Chapter 19!! :)

Katniss has decided to find Peeta since the new rule has been set that if the final 2 players are from the same District they will both survive. So, as Katniss tries to figure out where Peeta would have gone to try to survive and take care of his wounds. Finally, Katniss finds him camouflaged in the mud of the stream. She takes care of his tracker jacket stings a few burns he has managed to get and then tries to work with his terrible cut that Cato gave him for letting her go free.

Chapter 18!! :)

Rue was killed by the boy from district 1, but Katniss decides to show the Capitol that she hasn’t changed from these offal games. So, Katniss make a flower arrangement for Rue and places it on her before the helicopter comes to retrieve her body. Also, there is a new rule added to the Games! If the final 2 are from the same District then they will both survive.

Chapter 17!! :)

Katniss has blown up the careers fort, has lost hearing in one ear, but she has set out to find Rue after she regains strength from the electrifying jolt from the careers fort. Then she finds Rue in a net, then Katniss kills the boy from District 1, but at the same time the boy kills Rue!

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